Who should have a mammogram?

Any women over the age of 40. Any man who feels a breast lump.

Will the mammogram hurt?

No. The compression used on newer machines is done automatically by the machine as opposed to previous manual manipulation.

What is a biopsy?

A biopsy is a small sample of tissue taken from the breast in order to examine it more closely. The radiologist might recommend a biopsy if abnormalities are found during your mammogram or ultrasound.

What are the payment options?

Medical Aid or Cash.

Do I need to bring in old mammograms?

Yes, yes and yes…continuity in viewing the mammograms is of paramount importance since new lesions can easily be identified and managed.

Who is reading my mammograms?

Prof. Elaine Joseph is the head radiologist – read more about her here.

Will I be able to discuss my results with the doctor?

Prof. Joseph sees all patients irrespective of their mammogram results.

Is there adequate parking?

The JHB Eye Hospital has plenty of parking throughout the day with a coffee shop for waiting family and friends.

Will the radiation of the mammogram give me breast cancer?

Absolutely not. The radiation dose of a mammogram is much lower than the background radiation of everyday microwaves and radio waves. The newer mammography equipment of CR and digital reduces radiation dose even further.