receptionThe Breast Care and Bone Density Centre is run by an expert team of women who aim to provide specialist breast imaging service while ensuring your comfort and convenience.

We are confident that we can provide the care you deserve, so please don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment if you have a breast concern, or if you require a routine annual breast examination or osteoporosis screening and fracture risk assessment. You can have your Mammogram and/or Breast Ultrasound and your Bone Density Scan done at the same appointment.

Scheduling routine mammograms

Routine annual mammograms should be done by all women over the age of 40. If you are younger and have a family history of breast cancer, please contact us to discuss your needs. You do not require a referral for a routine mammogram, so please feel free to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

A Breast Ultrasound maybe done in conjunction with your mammogram. If an abnormality or area of concern is detected on your routine mammogram, additional tests may be performed or recommended.

If your breasts are particularly sensitive, try to schedule your appointment 7-10 days after the onset of your last menstrual cycle when your breasts are at their least tender. This will help to minimise the discomfort.

Scheduling for beast problems or concerns

If you have a specific breast problem, it is usually important to first see your primary care doctor or gynaecologist who can assess if imaging is required. They can then provide a referral to The Breast and Bone Density Centre. However, if you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

Contact us today on 011 782 7345 to make your appointment

Medical Aid

The Breast Care and Bone Density Centre is a medical aid practice. Mammograms are deducted directly from a patient’s savings fund. If no funds are available you will be required to settle your account in cash.

Bone density scans are not commonly covered by medical aids – we would advise that you discuss authorisation with your medical aid before undergoing the test.